Professor William Bazeyo emerges Regional Winner at the CEO Global Pan African Awards for the Titans-Building Nations

Professor William Bazeyo, the Chief Executive Officer, One Health Central and Eastern Africa (OHCEA) has emerged Regional Winner of the Great Lakes 2018/2019 CEO Global Pan African Awards for Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government and Titans-Building Nations. Professor Bazeyo who is also Makerere University’s Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration, was recognised for his efforts and achievements in education and training in the academic sector in Africa

The award ceremony was held at Protea Hotel, in Kampala, 3rd November 2018. The Chief Executive of CEO Global, Annelize Wepener presented the Award to Prof. William Bazeyo amidst applause from the audience comprising influential personalities in the public and private sector. The awards are the leading Pan African recognition programme honouring excellence in the private and public sector.

The programme that awards the leading African recognition programme honouring excellence in the private and public sector, covers 23 economic sectors and has for the past sixteen years independently recognised those leaders who are at the pinnacle of their respective industries.

Professor Bazeyo is among the few leaders in Africa’s public academic sector who have infused innovation and entrepreneurship into education, training for academic excellence. Professor Bazeyo’s career and life journey is an embodiment of an individual who has generously shared his knowledge and skills to make a difference in the lives of other people. Popularly known for the adage- Always be a contribution-Prof. Bazeyo has significantly contributed to the transformation of the region through research, nurturing upcoming innovators, mentoring students, resource mobilization for Africa, winning multi-million dollar projects and so much more.

Highlighting the challenges facing innovations/young innovators, Prof.Bazeyo revealed that most innovations “die" before their first birthday. Why? The youth and young innovators are not supported to develop their innovations beyond proof of concept. He has therefore reiterated the need to financially support and encourage the youth and young innovators, adding that coming up with innovations is expensive. The need for Ugandans to support innovators with start-up-capital is therefore very critical.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Prof.William Bazeyo informed the congregation that through the ResilientAfrica Network, student innovators are identified, financially supported and mentored by Makerere University staff and a network of University professors and researchers to nurture and grow their innovations.

The One Health Central and Eastern Africa (OHCEA) network for which Professor Bazeyo leads the regional Secretariat is also a key supporter on young people and students in One Health innovations in East, West and Central Africa. With this support, many students (through their Students’ One Health Innovations Clubs) have won global awards in One Health innovations.

The CEO Global Pan African Awards for the Titans-Building Nations are decided after a long vetting process in South Africa. All Regional winners from West Africa, East Africa and South Africa will be evaluated again for continental winners in the different categories.

The Regional Award sets the platform for Prof. Bazeyo to compete in the Continental Awards scheduled to take place in the last week of November 2018 in South Africa.

“To be recognized as a continental finalist is an achievement in its own right. You are without a doubt on the right path and we hope the recognition you have enjoyed spurs you on to greater things,” remarked Annelize Wepener-Chief Executive of the CEO Global Pan African Awards.

The Continental winners will be afforded the opportunity to join the “Network of Influence”, which will give them access to developmental tools, investment opportunities and serve as a platform to bring together small and medium enterprises with corporate and the public

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